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Boulder, Colorado, United States
I am a wife and mother to 4 beautiful kids. ברוכים הבאים לסימה גלעדי תכשיט עם שם. מילה. אות. וברכה מתנה נהדרת לבת/בר מצווה. יום הולדת. חתונה.ויום נישואים My goal is to reach the handmade lovers and one-of-a-kind fans from all over the world. Art & Jewelry has been my passion in my life, but to personalized jewelry FOR YOU always captured my heart. Who could resist the unique designs, the quality craftsmanship and the lasting beauty of these treasures from years gone by? Feel free to browse this lovely collection—I'm sure you'll find something you like! *Become a FAN exclusive deals & giveaways:

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i carry your heart with me

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Each and every day we are blessed with so many things ------MY THREE WISHES

Each and every day we are blessed with so many things that happen, starting with the fact that we wake up in the morning to another day ahead. And each day, every single one of us has something to be grateful for.Blessings in our lives. We can take for granted our health or relationships our kids and more...
תודה על כל מה שיצרת. תודה על כל מה שנתת. על אור עיניים, חבר או שניים על כל מה שיש לי בעולם. על השיר ואת הלב בגלל כל זה אני חי.תודה על כל מה שיצרת.תודה על כל מה שנתת.על חיוך של ילד,על כדור הארץ, ואת בית חםפינה לחיות, לאהוב אישה.בגלל אלה אני חי.תודה על כל מה שיצרת.תודה על כל מה שנתת
Todda; Thanks; Words: Uzi Hitman Tune: folk Thanks for all you have created Thanks for what you gave me; The sight of my eyes For a Friend or two For what I have in this world For flowing song & forgiving heart For which thanks to them I exist. Thanks for all you have created Thanks for what you gave me; The laughter of a child For Blue sky Thanks for the soil and warm home For a A place to sit a loving woman For which thanks to them I exist. Thanks for all you have created Thanks for what you gave me; For a day of happiness For Innocence and honesty For the sad day that disappeared And for two thousand cheers For which thanks to them I exist.
What are you grateful for?

Cool Mom Picks ----Tiny little circles of awesome

Tiny little circles of awesomeI'm the sort of person who is into the idea of personalized jewelry a lot more than the reality -- the reality usually being a little more twee and a lot more expensive than I like. But at SimaG Jewelry on Etsy, metalsmith Sima Gilady creates a wide array of simple yet beautiful customizable pieces that I can get behind.My favorite is the Circle of Joy necklace, pictured here. It's just 1" across, leaving me wondering how she manages the perfect stamped lettering. The result is my favorite sort of subtle effect; from a distance, it looks like just a pretty pendant, but up close, the swirl of lettering adds meaning. And if you're looking for that perfect affordable Bat Mitzvah gift, do not miss the gorgeous Listen pendant, something deserving of the "Judaica that isn't lame" category label if only we had one.Each piece is prettier than the last, and they're all available at prices mere mortals can afford. This is exactly why Etsy rocks. -Mir
Buy your personalized necklace or other custom jewelry at SimaG Jewelry.
Thank You So Much for including my necklace.

This Is How A Necklace is Born - Inspiration from Nature

FLY AWAY YOUNG CHICK {love this song} Arik Einstein & Miki Gavrielov My chicks left the nest spread their wings and flew away I am an old bird left in the nest I hope that all will be wellI always knew the day will cometo say good bye But now when it is here no wonder I am worried Chorus:Fly away chick cut the sky Fly where ever you want toJust don't forget there is an eagle in the sky be aware Now it is only us in the nest but we are togetherHug me tight say yes don't worry it is fun getting old together Uf gozal…. I know it is the way of natureI left a nest as wellBut now when the time comes I feel a lump in my throat VUELA PICH׃N VOE, MEU FILHOTE Mis pichones abandonaron el nido extendieron sus alas y volaron y yo soy un ave vieja que permaneció en el nido Espero que todo esté bien Siempre supe que llegaría el día que nos tendríamos que despedir Pero ahora que llegó de repente me preocupo un poco vuela pichón y e irrumpe en el cielo vuela hacia dónde tu quieras Sólo recuerda (no te olvides) que hay un ágila en el cielo Estate atento Ahora nos quedamos sólos en el nido pero estamos juntos abrazame fuerte y dime que sí no te preocupes, es divertido envejecer juntos Yo se que así es la naturaleza Yo también abandone un nido pero ahora que llega el momento siento un nudo en la garganta Enjoy your kids... Love, SimaG

Yonatan - Lost His 1st Tooth

Beautiful photos to share,my 5 year old Yontan lost his 1st tooth.

My New Hebrew Letters - You are going to LOVE it

Shma -This is one of the most powerful Hebrew prayer - - -listen Hebrew word on this classy necklace read Chai - Life "Chai is the Hebrew word for life-numerological value as 18. Chai has a special tradition in Jewish culture and religion and giving this symbol convey your best wises to the recipient to have a long and full life and blessing" The Hebrew - Aleph Mem Tav =EMETEMET in Hebrew - meaning HONESTY,FAITHFULNESS & TRUTH Truth encompasses everything from Aleph to Tav from BEGINNING to END, - from BIRTH to death = Emet= Aleph Mem Tav.Aleph Mem is - Imma - MOTHER (birth)Mem Tav means - Met - DEATHTruth - from BIRTH to DEATH Kabbalah - This Aleph-Lamed-Dalet combination is believed banish the Evil Eye by fighting negative energies and drawing positive ones instead. made with Ahava, SimaG

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