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Welcome Everyone
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Boulder, Colorado, United States
I am a wife and mother to 4 beautiful kids. ברוכים הבאים לסימה גלעדי תכשיט עם שם. מילה. אות. וברכה מתנה נהדרת לבת/בר מצווה. יום הולדת. חתונה.ויום נישואים My goal is to reach the handmade lovers and one-of-a-kind fans from all over the world. Art & Jewelry has been my passion in my life, but to personalized jewelry FOR YOU always captured my heart. Who could resist the unique designs, the quality craftsmanship and the lasting beauty of these treasures from years gone by? Feel free to browse this lovely collection—I'm sure you'll find something you like! *Become a FAN exclusive deals & giveaways:

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i carry your heart with me

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Follow my journey on Instagram @SimaGjewelry
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{Giveaway}Enter to win a free: "Every Disc Got A Story - 1 disc " - 30 dollars necklace.

Enter to win a free: "Every Disc Got A Story - 1 disc " - 30 dollars necklace.
This disc is about 5/8" sterling silver disc has a raised rim around the edge with a beautiful fancy bail. YOU are going to LOVE it.I will stamp your name in Hebrew or English.
All you need to do is:
:: Follow my blog ::
::Visit my etsy shop @ and tell me your favorite jewel:: ::Tell your friends about this giveaway::
Your name will be entered and chosen randomly. I will update my blog : on SEP/01/2009 BY 11:59PM
made with LOVE,


Kathleen McGiveron :

I like My heart is for you
IT's super pretty! and i'm following!

Dawn :

my heart is for mother - lovely shop!

I'm following your blog and I'm putting this giveaway on facebook! :)

donnarose :

good morning
love your work

elaine :

I love the Your Quote On Your Necklace-Spiral Necklace.This design is so unique and lovely!

Elaine R

LoveCharlesVintage :

I am following! and my favorite item is the L O V E BIRD RING - - -Customized Rings In sterling silver for H I M and H E R
Such a cute idea! Thank you for the opportunity!

melissa :

I love 2 wishes 2 discs
your work is lovely!!
I'm following.
Great Family Picture!!


Lilly :

I love the My Gold Aspen L E A F Earrings. Gorgeous! Thanks a lot.

Rachel O'Donnell :

I think your jewelry is lovely - my favorite piece is the 4 Layered Wishes Circles!

Amanda :

right now, this is my favourite! :)

(I follow your blog)

Ascending Butterfly :

I am a follower, and my favorite is 'HAMSA - - --The Traveler's Prayer' I have always wanted a Hamsa!

Unknown :

I like My heart is for you
and i'm following! In addition to that, i have announce the giveaway at for you. Cheers

fındıkfaresi :

I feel in love with "2 - - w i s h e s - - 2 - - d i s c s - - Sterling Silver and Copper" :))

It is soo perfect to wear:)

I am a follower of your lovely blog, and I will blog about this giveaway on my blog:

Here is my e-mail:

I wish I will be the lucky one:)

DinaXYYan :

my fave is BE CHARM disc with rim
i'm a new follower =)
i tweeted about this:



I like the circle of joy necklace and I am now following you via google reader.

Celeste :

I follow your blog :)
I really like the Your Name...Your Word necklace!

contact me at:

Luv2Have :

I love this one, it is so sweet! I am also following your blog! Thanks for the chance to enter!

Unknown :

The 'Your Quote on Your Necklace' is just stunning. I'm obsessed with 'collecting' quotes, so I can think of about a million things I'd put on there - SO beautiful!!!

Your name necklaces are so beautifl too because they don't look like all the others out there, and the little quartz crystal is really a nice touch! Thanks for the giveaway!

- Lindsay
shrimpsaladcircus at gmail dot com

Anonymous :

What a gorgeous giveaway my fingers are crossed I would love to win. I am following your blog.Thanks for such a nice giveaway.Marian
I would love marian in english.

balanced. :


My fav item of yours is the BIG and BOLD ring. LOVE IT!


Ooty :

what a fancy giveaway!!! I am already a foloower of your blog =0)
and my very fav of yours is your original KARMA what goes around - comes around - !!!!!

thanks for this giveaway =0)

modernemotive :

Following :)

Gah, can't pick a favorite because I like all your stuff. I'll go with this -

And I tweeted -

*fingers crossed*

Amber :

I follow your blog! The Each Of Us Is A Flower necklace with 8 personalized discs is my absolute favorite!
Thank you for the giveaway :)

Anonymous :

love the WILL YOU MARRY ME ring.

gemini5757 at

Joanna's Foto Blog :

Hello! you have beautiful store- it was really hard to choose one favorite item.

I think my favorite, though is Ani ledodi vedodi li - I am to my beloved and my beloved is to me - Song of Songs.

Also- I just added your page to my reader- really looking forward to read your blog!


Peach Rainbow :

i follow!

i love the personalized rings

Aik :

I'm a follower. I love the SEXY and BEAUTIFUL ---------- Gold Filled Disc on Gold Filled THICKER CHAIN.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

XauXau :


Firstly - thank you again for featuring my shop in your blog some time ago! The article was really nice! Thank you!

Secondly - I just love your Gold Filled Hammered Circles Necklace. And others with those circles. I would prefer it in silver but the form and style is just something. :)

I do fallow your blog and it would great if I could win this giveaway! :)


Silvergirl :


ur works are fantastic..

love this one.. simple yet beautiful

Silvergirl :

im ur follower

silverlilacc at hotmail dot com

fındıkfaresi :

I blogged about your lovely giveaway:)
Here is the link:

Anonymous :

l i s t e n -is my fave!! adorable:)
I'm following too!

The Need 2 Read :

LOVE your jewelry!! I'm a follower - my favorite piece is the NEW DISC with a rim around the edge in English

jamieandandre at bellsouth dot net

Hope :

Honestly, I love this one:
AMSA - - --The Traveler's Prayer - -GREEN HAMSA - -TWO SIDES

I'm a traveler, and I wear a Hamsa every time I go on a plane or long trip. I love that necklace and also the gorgeous "Every Disc Got a Story"-- hope I win!

hope . rehak @ gmail . com

alwayshopeful :

very pretty! I really like the peice,My heart is for you..thank you very much
alwaysatryin at

alwayshopeful :

oh and i follow also

alwaysatryin at

Ezzy :

I like both My heart is for you and the 2 wishes-2 discs necklace. Both of them are pretty !!

oh btw i am following you too =)

Unknown :

I'm following your blog

Unknown :

I really like the Listen necklace. It's really nice, I like how lightweight it looks.

Y :

I am following.

I really like the combination
D E C O L O R E S -- Copper , Sterling Silver ,Gold Filled necklace.


Indie Craft Corner Editor :


my fav:

Indie Craft Corner

janil :

Hi!!!How are you? I was offline all these days and I went to visit you and found a new giveaway!!!! You know I follow you and I love all in your shop but if I have to choose I try with this wonderful pendant; 3 w i s h e s - - - 3 d i s c s - - - Gold and Silver.

Thnks and kisses!!!!

cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

Unknown :

I am now a follower. I love your jewelry!

Mazel Tov on a beautiful collection!! What beach was your family picture taken on? Lovely.

Thanks for the giveaway...

Anonymous :

Following with Google Friend Connect. My favorite is the WILL Y O U MARRY M E .RING :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

Nelsby :

It is SO tough to pick a favorite...your beautiful work is so unique. I just love the 3 wishes -- 3 discs -- Gold and Silver necklace.
Also, I am following your blog (username Nelsby).
sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

Mel-The Organic Mamas :

Just found your blog and etsy shop - I love:
Don't DREAM your LIFE , LIVE your DREAM

Jess :

I love the Every Disc a story necklaces - with my kids' names on them! And I'm following! Thanks.

Ľubaša :

I am blof follower. Thanks.
I like 3 w i s h e s - - - 3 d i s c s - - - Gold and Silver necklace.

lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

Tasha Danko :

I would love to be entered in your contest and win a beautiful necklace!

I am following your blog and RT'd you to tell my friends as well!

It's hard to pick a favorite but I love the "YOU Complete ME"


Michelle :

I'm following and I love the My Heart is FOR YOU my dear necklace! Thanks for the chance to win.

Anonymous :

I love the Your Quote On Your Necklace-Spiral Necklace.This design is so unique and beautiful.


Anonymous :

I am a follower, and my favorite is small key charm and The Traveler's Prayer.



Lynsi :

My FAVORITE is 2 - - w i s h e s - - 2 - - d i s c s - -

Here is the link:

I just got married in January and this looks perfect for any newlywed !! Or soon-to-be bride! LOVE it !

PS - I am now a follower!

Topsycurvydesigns :

hi Sima I m your Follower and Fan too
I love your shop Bangles is me favorite


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