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Welcome Everyone
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Boulder, Colorado, United States
I am a wife and mother to 4 beautiful kids. ברוכים הבאים לסימה גלעדי תכשיט עם שם. מילה. אות. וברכה מתנה נהדרת לבת/בר מצווה. יום הולדת. חתונה.ויום נישואים My goal is to reach the handmade lovers and one-of-a-kind fans from all over the world. Art & Jewelry has been my passion in my life, but to personalized jewelry FOR YOU always captured my heart. Who could resist the unique designs, the quality craftsmanship and the lasting beauty of these treasures from years gone by? Feel free to browse this lovely collection—I'm sure you'll find something you like! *Become a FAN exclusive deals & giveaways:

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i carry your heart with me

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Follow my journey on Instagram @SimaGjewelry
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a life through the lens By Kristi on Etsy

I would LOVE to share a great etsy talent.
Last week I bought the most beautiful & high-quality print set from Kristi. She capture life through photography "Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” Kristi is self-taught photographer; constantly growing and learning.She find her inspiration from her children, nature and the simple things like soft colors, natural light, quotes and life.
Take your time and stop at Kristi's beautiful shop you are going to LOVE it as much as I did :)


Kristi :

Sima, thank you so much for this! You are so sweet. ♥

xoxo, Kristi

♥SimaG Personalized Jewelry♥ :

YOU are SO welcome MY dear:)
I am SO happy TO share YOUR beautiful WORK with MY friends:)

Happy NEW year!


Suze :

Ciao Sima, I LOVE Kristi's work too!

♥SimaG Personalized Jewelry♥ :

Suze.. SO good to see your name:)
Thank you SO much for your comment.

LOVE your blog new look!



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